I posted a few weeks ago about my Trane XR12 outdoor model 2TWR2036A1000AB. Manufactured Oct 2005 and installed in my then new house on May 2006. This unit is driving me crazy.
A few weeks ago I posted because the unit couldn't keep up with the high Florida heat but it seems that the unit is only designed for 90. We discussed insulation in the roof and I have been getting quotes on foil barrier and blown insulation. It has been cloudy through the peak hours so the unit has been running fine. It was running fine when I got home and was maintaining temp during this 88 degree sunny day.

I noticed it felt warmer in here and check the tstat about 45 minutes ago. The t-stat says on but the unit is not running. Turned it onto fan only and can't get the outside unit on at all. Why would this be? Tstat is set for 76, temp is 80 and climbing along with my temper.

Just climbed upstairs....the pan under the unit is FULL. I guess that means the float is working. Hubby is using a shop vac to suction the water out of the pan. I have a bad feeling about this....the coil upstairs had to be replaced last year as the original (only 1 year old) had corroded/rusted away and was leaking freon. The parts were under warranty but the labor and 3 trip charges were not. It was pretty expensive. This is the first unit we have had that is up in the attic and I am not impressed. Hey, the unit just came back on after the pan was drained. I'm thinking (praying actually) that the outside drainline is plugged. How can we check this and is this something we can "clear" ourselves?

Thanks for any help! (sorry for my rant...it gets evil around here when the a/c acts up.)