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    Thumbs down Replaced AC because of Freon Leak, New AC same problem

    So here is the story, around a year ago my central air for my 3ed floor condo stopped giving cold air. We called for a local repair man.

    He said the AC was really just too old, he could put freon in it but it would leak out again, and that the only real fix is to get a new system. It was old and was from when the building was built around 89.

    So we get a new system, totaling around $XXXXXXXXXXXXfor equipment,install, warranty, service plan, etc.

    3 months after, same problem no cool air. Service guy says freon was low and he fix it.

    8 months later, same problem, no cool air, freon problem. Although this guy wrote "PMA" on the service sticker on the AC instead of 'No cool'

    And now here we are, 6 months from the last service on Dec 07. With the same problem. I called for service appointment, have to wait a few days so there is no one to ***** out yet.

    That's the story can someone tell me wtf is going on? Why did i spend $XXX to fix a freon problem that I'm still having?

    Thanks for reading, if this is wrong forum/website sorry just a over heated Floridian here looking to vent on some forums and maybe read good information.
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