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    Quote Originally Posted by jjer View Post
    It should not be important though because you stated you needed a 3 ton which it sounds like he said he could get 3 ton and up.
    That's what I read.

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    seems to me that after 20 + yrs anyone that treated there subs worth anything would have some contacts.

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    Why would you want to put your cooling duct work in a HOT attic.

    That contractor may have made an honest mistake, I don't know because I wasn't there.

    If you don't rust him, call someone else.

    If I lost faith in my auto mechanic, I would take my car somewhere else.

    No fuss, no muss.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Wow. 1st, I was probably the most honest, trustworthy contractor there was. 2nd, when my "subs" thought they would leave to try to start their own gig, and they did from time to time over the years, 9 out of ten times they were back, if not looking for work, looking for tools, equipment, money, help, etc., OR for their old job back, and they sometimes got it, unless they were losers to begin with (most...and I mean most, like say 65% +, of 'tradespeople' who depend on economy, weather, help, etc., are either alcoholic, drug addicts, criminals and/or thieves). Now don't get all bent out of shape here, this is my observation and involvement of 20 years in a successful business speaking here. I had most of my subs for well over 15 years!! AND the ONLY reason to get OUT OF THE BIZ is because of cheap, uninsured, under the table & illegal competition! My customers wanted the very best workmanship, so they hired me. AND I got top dollar and TONS of referrals! I'm not on a defensive rampage here, but I just wasn't one of those druggie roofers.

    20 years of business says something in itself. Most of the "subs" who think they can do their own 'gig' usually fail in the first year or 2, for varios reason. Education my man.

    But that's not what this is about, is it? All I want to find out is info about my questions. The very FIRST answer was from a member of the "Professional" forum, hence my reply.

    Obviously, some who answered me here, with the proper method of reply, those guys "get it" others, get a life.

    Thanking all for the help.....So

    I was initally leaning towards a Lennox or Trane, but this guy said Carrier is the best.

    Looking at all things to be considered, and without too much oompha, what is considered the best, is it foolish for a 2 stage for a small house, is it just better to get a SEER rating of 14-16 or go for the highest......

    Once again, anticipating great replies....

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    You should get the most efficient system you can afford.

    As far as doesn't really matter. What matters is the correct installation.

    A properly installed POS will always out-perform a POS install on a quality system.

    Get the picture? I prefer Trane. I am Tranewashed. But I prefer Trane for totally different reasons than you do.
    I fully support the military and the War on Terrorism.

    If you don't know, then don't do. If you don't know and still do, then be prepared to pay someone else a lot to undo what you did and then do it right.

    If you do know, then do. But do it right. Otherwise, you may not be doing it long.

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