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    Unhappy Need some advice

    As a previous home remodeling contractor, and being exposed to the trades, I may come off a tad bit jaded, but I feel justifiably so.
    Anyway, I recently got married (at 57), and 'inhereted' the issues of my new wifes home she has had for over 30 years.
    The furnace is 1973 version, the AC is 19 years old.
    Both work, but not very efficient.
    Anyway, trying to be as frugal as possible, put in the most efficient system, most trouble free, etc., she contacted her contractor of last 20 years for an estimate.
    We have a 1 story ranch, probably 1500 sq. ft +, (additions jutting off the back, etc.), and the existing AC compressor is 2-1/2 tons. It was there before the additions. Needs to be 3 ton now, so I'm told, and I'd assume because of it being on all the time to keep it cool.
    Certain days, it works nice, other days, stays on 24 x 7 to fight to keep the temp at 74-75 degrees.
    I replace various parts on the furnace last year, but simple cut and dry, it's time to replace.
    The contractor suggested a Carrier unit. I was kinda set on a 2 stage unit, he told me Carrier only made 3 ton and up (2 stage). I called Carrier, they tell me they carry 2, 3 , 4 & 5 ton units in the Infinity line. He suggested a 3 ton comfort series, no 2 stage.

    So, because he lied, should I confront him?

    Also, I want top shelf performance, efficient heating and cooling, low energy costs, etc. Am I foolish to go with the Carrier, or the 2 stage unit? What are my other options to be correct in choosing the proper unit?

    Should I consider a heat pump?

    Also, he wants an additional XXXXX to install the air handler in the attic (all the air vents are forced air onthe floor now).

    Please...HELP! What to do.
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