I am new to this forumn and by no means an expert in hvac. My conversations with the local "pro's" have left me confused and possibly baffled by B.S. Here is my situation. I have an Armstrong 2 1/2 ton, 10 seer heat pump (model # SHP10a30a-1b) that was installed new in '96. The windings in the compressor shorted out causing the breaker to trip and hince no more cool air. I live in south central Kansas by the way. A local "pro" wants to replace the outside unit with a Weatherking 2 1/2 ton, 13 seer unit (model # 13PJA30a01). I stressed the importance of the inside and outside units needing to be matched, and I was told that they would be. I didn't think it was possible to mix the seer ratings like this. Wouldn't that leave an undersized coil and lineset? I tried to contact Weatherking on the internet, but you have to be a distributer. The manufacturers warranty says 5 year limited, the "pro" says 1 year. In addition, the manufacturers warranty is VOID if the system is not matched properly or meet certain specifications. Unfortunately money is a big issue right now as I am trying to recover from a major back surgery. However, I do not want to throw money away on a "guesswork" system that will end up costing me a great deal more in the long run with multiple service calls and repair bills.
Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated!