Now, once in a while I get to see one of my first systems retire, I was on a call this morning in N.Fort Worth. I get there and something looks familiar. I walk in and look at unit Coleman Air Handler and Coleman Heat Pump outdoor.

What strikes me is sticker Paschall Electric- Heating & Air. Then I open up air handler and see M.L.- 1983 Start/Up.

M.L. is me so I put this system in and it just goes to show you good installs last a long time.25+years.
Well, nothing last forever, coil leaking and it's time to retire this Old Coleman, so AHS supplied 3.0 /15kw air handler and homeowner, purchased 13.0 S.E.E.R. Heat Pump condenser. So same guy has seen this home through another fine heat pump installed system going in Monday.

Kind of nice to see this , made my day..