Hey all,
so I'm meeting with a Trane salesman and a Rheem salesman today to go over gas furnace + heat pump systems to replace the current 50 year old oil furnace in the new house I've just bought. I've been conversing via email/phone a Bryant dealer. He's been telling me some things that I don't know are true or not, so I wanted to run a few by y'all.

We were talking about 80% eff furnaces vs. 90+. To me, 80% seems fine for a heat pump that will do most of the work, but he was arguing that the prices aren't very different when you consider that I get a $350 rebate from the gas company for a 90+ and (here's the part I'm not sure about) he said that because the 80% burns at a lower? temperature that I would need to have installed a chimney? sleeve to prevent condensation. Is this bogus or not? Thanks all.