Okay, so after a bunch of confusion and multiple visits from A/C guys, this is what my new house has installed:

Unitary Products Group (York/Coleman):
Air Handler Model: N1VSC1606A
Coil Model: G2FD048HH21G
Condenser Model: HBBE-F042SG

There is also a Honeywell Electric Air Cleaner.

First, the system is backwards according to the A/C Service Manager Tech:
Intake -> EAC -> Air Handler -> Coil -> Single Sized 8-Way Air Conduit
.. the Air Handler and Coil are backwards, apparently it should be pulling not pushing though the coils.

The tech told me the person who did this should be shot. The system is only two years old, air leaks, wrong parts, mismatches, and old building styles.

It's costing a lot of electricity and not getting me very far. He overcharged the system so it wouldn't freeze up on me.

I guess my question is, what Air Handler do I need and is it truely backwards?


*edit* The tech did say the Coil and Condenser were a correct match, though 3.5 ton was oversized for the house.