Hey guys, need some advice on circuit boards. A/C unit keeps shutting down intermittenly, checked for short and loose wires, can't find anything. Checked thermostat when the unit turns off and I have no 24VAC. Checked incoming power to unit (xfmr) when it's off and I have 120VAC. The indicator LED on board was off , then all of a sudden it will come on???? I think it's the circuit board and that's what I told my customer as well, ofcourse if it's not well then it's going to cost me to make it right, that goes without saying. Just want some input, i've never seen a circuit board do that, usually when it's out, it's out. When it runs, everything is good, it'll run for about 10 mins and shut down. It's like something is opening then resets by itself? I've already applied for Pro membership, hopefully mods will let me post this here. Thanks guys