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    Unico system installed with problems??

    I just replaced my space pak system from 1981!! used a unico system with an outside heat pump. Should this system run as much as it does?? I have approximately 2100 square foot house. From about 3pm to 10pm I cant get the house cooler than 73?? outside its low 80's. The system just runs and runs. I do have good air flow through the supplies. Also, my upstairs is about 5 degrees hotter. The installer is going to put a 2nd air return upstairs and claims this will draw some of the heat out? Currently there's only one return downstairs. My downstairs has 12 supplies in 5 rooms vs my upstairs that has 6 supplies in 5 rooms. The unico system is in my first attic above my living room and dining room. The trunk starts there and supplies the supplies to the first floor. The trunk contiues up the attic wall to my attic above my 2nd floor (bedrooms). Do you think I could add addtional supplies to that top trunk and that would help?? Or is my system just not designed correctly from 1981?? Very disgusted?? I have alot invested in the new installation of the unico components and still have cooling issues. Who knows about the heat!!!! ***The old system had the a/c unit in the wall of the attic not freestanding. It seemed to cool ok but did not run as much. However, the upstairs was always at least 5 degrees hotter. The old system did not have a heat pump, it ran on reserve heat only??? So the technician tells me. I guess I'm asking 2 questions here. First, with the system running all the time whats the electric bill going to be and is that normal? and 2. Whats the best way to lower the temp. on the 2nd level. cold air return or more runs?? The technician told me the new unit is way bigger it is a 3 ton cooling unit
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    First...... due to site rules you need to edit out the $$$$'s.

    You didn't mention how the old system components did cooling the house.
    Use the biggest hammer you like, pounding a square peg into a round hole does not equal a proper fit.

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