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    Difference in these Trane furnaces?

    RE: Dual fuel system

    I have received 2 different quotes with Trane equipment. They are the same except for the furnace. One of them has TUX1B080A9421A. The other quote has TUC1B080A9421A. I was told they are "basically the same, but the TUC1 is $550 cheaper". So what is the difference other than price? Is the TUX1B significantly better?


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    One's a XR90 furnace, and one's a XB90 furnace. XB furnaces are more of a basic/builder model.

    As far as features go, take a look: vs.

    From what I can see, 20-year warranty on HX with the XB90 and limited lifetime warranty on HX with the XR90. And it looks like, from the picture, the XR90 might have a slightly better cabinet, but I can't tell for sure.

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    XB is a single pipe XR is a dual pipe. I would stick with the TUX bid. brings all your combustion air in from outside instead of sucking out of the home.
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    Thanks guys.

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