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    Question Question about a contractor?

    Hi guys i am about to get a new AC unit plus an A-Coil installed. Here is my question. The company came out and diagnosed my problem. The ended up having to put die in the freon line to find a leak. While the tech was there you could actually hear the leak on the outside unit. Anyways the tech said they would apply the cost of this service to a new unit if i used them to install it. They guy who does the estimates called me and told me he doesn't need to come out and gave me a price quote for a 2-ton unit. Thats where i'm confused. Aren't they suppose to do a duct test and insulation test before they tell you what size of a unit you should have? I called them and they told me its only based on square footage. They said they would do a duct test though when they installed the unit to make sure everything is ok. Does this sound right. A guy at work told me he just had a new furnace/air conditioning installed and he said they came out and did all kinds of test and gave him all kinds of printouts of what he would need. He said he even asked what happens when i install more insulation and they even ran numbers off of that.
    Here is the company: <removed>

    I have a small 12 year old house (1100 Square Feet) with a full basement. My previous unit was a cumberland unit RAC020 which i think is 2-ton unit also. They told me it was a 9 SEER. I've had problems with it ever since i bought the house 5 years ago. They pretty much told me it was a really cheap unit. Can i expect a big cost savings going from a 13 from a 9 SEER?

    They have been in our area for quite awhile and i haven't heard any bad things about them and i can tell you they were the cheapest out of 5 places i called by at least 20&#37;. Then again this is a local family owned place that is non-union. I know i'm not supposed to post cost though. The price the quoted me was for a Rheem Rand 13 SEER unit which seems descent especially with the scroll compressor.
    Rheem RAND024

    Here is there notes on the work order:
    1 - Reclaim freon as needed, remove and haul away old unit
    2 - install new coil in the same box, rehook line set
    3 - install new a/c unit on a new ground pad, rehook lines and wiring
    4 - pumdown, check for leaks, recharge system.

    I hope someone can reply shortly because they are supposed to come out wednesday. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    I know this is not directly related but hopefully this is ok to post here. My energy bills lately seem to be on the high side. Without running the air the last 3 months i have used between 900-1000kw. I'm pretty careful about turning out lights when they need to be turned out and use energy saving bulbs ect ect. I do have 2 refrigerators (built in the last 5 years). One deep freeze (2 years old) and a computer i leave on. Does that sound in line?

    Like i said any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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