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    Old Janitrol furnace age? anyone?

    Does anyone know the age of this furnace?

    M# FHS65-85
    S# 1159J5010

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    Old is all i know.

    I'd like the badge when you change it out.

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    Yep, that's an oldie. I've seen one other belt drive Janitrol like that .And it was old too. Just guessing, I'd say late 50's to early 60's .

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    November 1959. The Baso gas valve and remote regulator are a good indication it is pre 1970s.
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    Twilli says ahhhhh the good old bad old days
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    Oh man, nasty flashback, I'll have nightmares tonight, thanks.

    The only way to get the blower assembly out is to pull it out the return end.

    I've run into several of those bastages in some older parts of Fort Worth.
    The company that put them in didn't seem to understand that both sides needed to be accessed for service.
    More than half of them I've worked on had a bad blower bearing in the back because it was never oiled since it was new, due to the fact that the installers ran rectangular duct almost right against the back of the furnace.

    I think they made the cabinets out of recycled battle tank armor, even with the HX out, them suckers are HEAVY! Which is likely the reason I've seen several of them just shoved off to the side and abandoned when a new system was installed. I never worked for anybody that would let me do that though.
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