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    Flash-back !!!!!!

    Since we are getting closer and closer to the convention I thought I would start this new thread.

    I am going through my pictures and am going to post some classic Convention pictures from year past. Hopefully, I can encourage the other old timers to post thier pictures too.

    First off is our Hostess and Host who's town we will be visiting. This was taken at the first convention in Pittsburgh.

    I don't know if this is socially correct but here is our first Hostess and Host. From Pittsburgh. (which pix get posted first?)

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    Thats the worst picture.

    Jades copping a feel, and I'm busy stealing low voltage light bulbs. When was that? 2003? Why aint my eyes very open????? Notice how the beers just been stolen from my left hand. That Otto is quick when the coolers empty.
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    Benn - I can't see the pics. But I believe Liz and I are on their right.
    Jack - I'll have the other corner fixed on the banner. Then I'll send it and Dolly your way.
    Hard to believe it's been 10 months already.
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