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    Homeowner needs help with ARI match

    Could someone please tell me if the following Armstrong combination is a good one? The ARI website is a bit too confusing for me, the non-HVAC professional I would love to know what the actual #'s are.

    16 SEER Heat pump: #4SCU169LT148

    95V Furnace: #G2D95T100V20C

    Coil: #VH1P62C-1

    This combo would be used with the Arzel zoning system.


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    Condenser 4SCU is not a heat pump. It is straight a/c. 4SHP is the heat pump version.

    Good luck.

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    I think you have the coil model number wrong. The closest one I see that is rated in a match is the E(U,C)1P62C.

    ARI Ref. #1048487 = 12 EER, 16 SEER (4SCU16LT148P - condenser, E(U,C)1P62C+A4TXV02 - coil and TXV, G2D95*****V20C - furnace).

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