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    Need Opinions

    Well...just an update on this issue. I've had a few more contractors out to look at my current system and give me quotes for a seperate system for that bonus room. One is selling a Lennox 1.5 ton heat pump and came in at $5100. He said no bypass was installed and there is no way my current 2 ton system would do the job.

    I had the GM of the original contractor, who installed the zone, come out and said that the existing unit is not big enough and he said i needed a seperate system. His quote was $5900 for a trane 1.5 ton heat pump.

    What I really need opinions on is how much the original contractor should credit me? He said a partial credit but had to talk to the owner to determine how much. One of the contractors that gave me a quote indicated i'd be lucky to get half my money back. In my opinion, the system should never have been installed so why shouldn't i expect more of a credit?

    I asked him if they did a load calc and he said the salesman that did the work is no longer there and they don't have his records.

    Thanks again for the help on this.

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    Pricing isn't allowed here so no comment on the amount.

    If it's undersized the owe you something.Not a second system,just the correct size.However you likley need a separete system,for the bonus room or zoning.

    So work it with them,but be fair.

    Fair could be to add insulation,so your existing unit will do the job.Not saying that would be the case,just an example.

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    Sorry...I didn't realize I shouldn't post the amounts

    Since they can re-use some of what they've added, like the return, duct work, vents and thermostat, which I would have to have paid for anyway, that can be deducted from my credit. Does that sound fair?

    I've gone in and added some additional insulation but it doesn't appear to be helping much.

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