I have a Lennox 3 ton downstairs unit; it is going on 8 years old. I had horrible issues with it last year that seemed to finally be resolved but now this year it starts again! The temperature in our area has been extremely hot for the last couple of weeks high 90s some days reaching the 100s. When the weather started getting hotter the airflow of the unit just stopped, the unit is still running but no air, it seems to work for longer periods during the cooler temperatures in late evening/early morning.
At first the company we have been using came out and serviced the unit and topped it off with Freon and then left, not even 10 minutes later the air stopped again. They came out again and replaced the fan motor; it worked for a full day and then went out again. The owner of the company came out and replaced a compressor that he said was the wrong type for the motor. The unit was working fine when he left and then an hour later the air went off again. We have the thermostat on 75 and each time the air stops blowing before it reaches that temperature. The company is coming out to replace the new motor today.
My question is, is there any other reason besides the fan motor that would cause the air to stop blowing?