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    Quote Originally Posted by abolis View Post
    I'm also needing CIS32. Googled this thread while moving my HVAC specialists laptop from 98 to XP. My MMI.EXE gives me the same error as the original post. On a similar note, MMI is the app to access the TECs, what is the app that can access the Panels? I have a app called SCU (SCUTERM) in the same folder as the CIS. Is that the one?
    The cabinets (Panels) can be accessed using any dumb terminal emulator on the MMI or MMI/Modem ports. I used to use ProcomPlus but you can also use Hyper Terminal which comes with Windows XP. You can also use a dumb terminal if you have one laying around. No special software needed. But if you want to buy software DatamateBase also works well for connecting to field cabinets.

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    Thanks, shiffer... I figured it was something like that when it came up with the standard comm settings in the "setup" area of the software. But my HVAC guy isn't comfortable with much change, so we'll pretend that's not the case. The nice thing is most of the panels talk back to the main Insight system via IP, so I should be able to set him up with a couple telnet/hypertrm shortcuts to access them without being at the panel.

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    The guy I am dealing with Siemens was telling me Datamate Base is not worth the trouble.

    As for the Hyperterminal, does anyone have a list of all the commands?
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    Quote Originally Posted by neonhomer View Post
    The guy I am dealing with Siemens was telling me Datamate Base is not worth the trouble.
    With Datamante base you can view TEC subpoints, as well as talk to the field
    panel. If you have no need to view TECs then yes, he is correct.

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