We are in the process of building a new home in Georgetown, KY (~1300 CDD 4600 HDD). The cooling days number is a bit misleading due tothe high summer humidity. We will have a 4 ton Maytag heat pump system with variable speed blower, zone control system and ERV. The house is ~2600 sq ft 1st floor ranch on 2600 sq ft full basement + 700sq 2nd floor. The rear of the house is full of windows (low-e) with a covered porch that will shade 90% of them from summer sun. Rear faces almost due south, probably about 190 degrees SSW. All walls will be brick and closed cell foam.

My question is regarding the outdoor unit placement.

We originally wanted to put it on the west side of the house just to the south of the garage doors. From a sound standpoint this was the best option, it would be next to the master closet and bathroom. This location would get full sun from about 1pm - sunset. It is also about 70 feet from the air handler. Our HVAC installer was going to upsize the line set to compensate for the distance.

Option 2: Place the unit on the east wall. Will get sun from sunrise - 1pm. We can place the unit on the wall outside the kids bathrooms. Will be 20' from the closest windows (only 2 on that side of the house anyway). I've been told the Maytag unit is very quiet and with the full brick and foam, I think sound is less of a concern now. This would be <20 feet from the air handler.

What are the thoughts out there? Will the line set length really impact performance/efficiency? What about heating vs cooling days? What side is the best?