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    Trane System w/ 80% or 90% Furnace

    Thank you all for the feedback on my other posting. I feel wary of Amana even with the Lifetime warranty so I believe I will be going with a Trane system. Here are the 3-ton 13-seer specs: A/C Condenser XR80 - 4TTR3036 , Coil 4TXCD36 matched with a XL80 Furnace TUD1B080A936.

    The question is would it make since to use the Atlanta Gas Light Rebate of $250 to upgrade to a 90% AFUE Furnace? What would be the time to recoup the costs?

    With gas prices going up would it be worth upgrading the furnace instead of going with a dual fuel combo?

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    Personally I'd go dual fuel. In your area, you'd spend little time on gas.

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    Dual fuel makes more sence then just upgrading furnace efficiency.
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    Depends on pricing


    I would find out price of gas and price of electricity. If gas is cheap, invest into high efficiency. It electrical rates are simmilar or cheaper, go dual fuel.
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    if i were in atlanta I would probably go with a heat pump and an 80% furnace with a variable speed motor

    you already have to have AC, so a heat pump should only cost marginally more

    I probably wouldn't invest in a high efficiency furnace- it will only be used when it starts to get close to freezing, which isn't very often in Atlanta, so having a furnace that uses 10-15% less energy won't make much of a difference

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