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Thread: AC in Alabama

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    AC in Alabama

    I moved into my house about a year ago and the air doesn't seem to be cooling good - We live in Alabama. I have two units that the previous owner said were put in about two years ago - the house was built in 1985. They are both American Standard - upstairs unit is; Furnace, AUD040C924K4 Freedom 80 Single Stage, Condenser 2A7A3030A1000AA, Coil TXC030C4HPC0. Downstairs unit is; Furnace AUD080C936K4 Freedom 80 Single Stage, Condenser 2A7A3036A1000AA, Coil TXC036C4HPC0. Upstairs is about 1000 sf with 8 ft ceilings and downstairs is about 1800 sf with 9ft ceilings. When it's in the high 80's low 90's we can't seem to get the house cooler than 76 - When it was in the high 90's last week it wouldn't cut off all day!!!

    First question - Are these matched systems, i.e. - are all the parts correct and designed to go together?

    Second question - It looks like they used the old existing 5/8" linesets and adapted them up to a larger size at the coil and condenser... is that OK?

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    idont think the upstairs furnace is correct it is a 2ton furnace and the lines are to small

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    You need to give more information

    As far as the unit goes, it sounds like 2.5 tons is big enough and as far as running smaller line sets it can be allright providing the length is shorter 20'. You can ose efficiency with smaller line sets.
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    near what city?

    think RH%
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    AC in Alabama

    Thanks for the replies - I just want to have a "little" knowledge about the system before I call someone out... I found some info on the internet but it sure is nice to have someplace to get expert advise!

    1- The lines are about 50' from the coil to the condensing unit on the upstairs unit and about 30' on the downstairs unit - So, I guess they should have changed out the 5/8" linesets to 3/4 & 5/16 (Upstairs) and 7/8 & 3/8 (downstairs) - Thanks 21degrees.
    2- The house is about 10 miles east of Birmingham.
    3- Can anyone tell me if the coil models are correct for the condensing units? I found where the "matched?" coils are 2TXCB031AC3 & 2TXCB036AC3... but then it goes on to say there are "correction factors" for about 100 other coils and both of mine are listed but say "+TAYTXV-3" - is that saying the coils I have are OK but they should have installed a TXV? I don't see one on the line...


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