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    Fujitsu all the way. I put 2 Sanyo in my parents house and they work great and are very quiet but still say Fujitsu. Not a big LG fan. The installer is the most important part any brand installed properly will suit your needs.

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    We have istalled McQuay, Sanyo, Chigo, Daikin, Mitsubishi,Goodman, Carrier. Out of all of them Mitsubishi has been the best by far, but as earlier stated in repleys they are all as good as the installation. Look for a factory trained company as these units may seem plug and play but, they are definitely not. Parts availability is the other major concern as someday they will break. One of these had a 3 month wait for a major component, but like anything else you get what you paid for!

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    I like the ones that put out good heatin and good coolin. Theyz the best fo show.

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