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    Newly Installed System Questions

    I just had a 2.5 ton Carrier Comfort Series heat pump and air handler installed in my condo on Friday. The new system replaces a Goodman builders grade that came with the apartment. It cost me a bundle in maintenance and repairs until its demise last week.

    The Carrier air handler is noisier than the old one probably due to the perceptibly stronger air flow. I think I can live with the noise level. My concern has to do with an ever-so-slight feeling of clamminess. My indoor humidity (according to an electronic clock/temp/humidity gauge about whose accuracy I have no idea) has been hovering in the 51 - 53%. Outdoor humidity has been in the 70 - 85% range.

    I know that I'm more sensitive to humidity that most people, and I plan to give it another week or two to see if I'm just going through "buyers remorse". However, I am curious. I know that the extra power in the air handler might be moving the air too quickly to reduce the humidity into my comfort range. In looking at the Carrier air handler specs I see that the blower has high and low speed settings. I'm assuming that the current setting is high. So my questions:

    (1) Could a switch to the lower speed address both the noise and humidity?
    (2) What problems, if any, are associated with the switch.
    (3) Is it a big job?
    (4) Would you consider 50 - 53% humidity an acceptable level?

    Thanks for any ideas, comments.


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    ACCA suggests sizing ducts with medium speed and from the sound of your situation it wouldnt hurt to reduce the fan speed, it will help with your humidity also. I think there is a big difference in 3% humidity and the comfort associated.

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    1. Yes

    2. To low the coil could ice up,and you lose some sensible capacity.

    #. Simple to do with the correct tools and knowledge.

    4.Not bad for the outdoor humidity,but is the measurment accurate?If it's more humid then before there may be an issue.

    Typical Carrier has more airflow the the typical Goodman.If your installer was sharp,he would have tested the static and adjusted the fan speed for the correct airflow.Call and ask if they can do this,not everyone has the tools or knowledge.

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    Thanks for the comments.

    I'll wait and see how we fare over the next couple of weeks. If I'm still bothered by the inside humidity, I'll call the AC company and talk to them about the fan speed.


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