attack the problem, not the symptoms --

keep the water out of the basement --
-- have gutters
-- extend the downspouts at least 10ft from building
-- have dirt next to bldg 6inches higher than the ground within 10ft of the building,
-- have egg size rock next to bsmt wall on outside, about 12 inches thick along the wall to even with the bottom of the footer of the foundation [ do NOT disturb the dirt under the footer!!]
-- have a drain pipe with its bottom even with the bottom of the footer draining downhill or to a pit having a sump pump. do NOT use the cheap corrugated plastic pipe!! use the heaver pvc drain pipe with holes made at a factory AND a nylon 'sock' over all.
-- one can put 1.5- 2 ft of top soil next to a house for grass to grow -- at a camp or commercial building = no -- in fact, having noisy gravel is good antiburgler protection.
-- coat the outside of the wall with weatherproofing
-- read at