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    Confused Water blowing off coil

    A friend has a very nice house in Houston with a couple of oversized air conditioners. He had actual droplets of water being blown off the coil and coming out one of the supplies. Just so I can understand, is there one or two design or install errors which can lead to this problem?

    Thanks -- Pstu

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    Some Horiz. coils have splash guards to help prevent this.
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    How long have they been installed. Dirty coils can do that. High velocity can also cause it.
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    Found a styrofoam cup get sucked into a hydroair recently.. coil before blower. was interesting not what i thought the issue was going to be...

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    I encounter that periodically. Twice last week in fact. I have a spray bottle in the truck with 50%joy dish detergent and 50% water. I spray the coils with the Joy solution while the unit is running and then rinse with water. Stops the problem right away. when I have to pull a coil to clean it I use stronger cleaners but the last thing i do is rinse with the joy solution. I have never had to go back again.
    The joy has a surfactant that breaks the surface tension so the water can run down between the fins into the pan. I;m not sure why it happens. Sometimes the water runs off the coil like it was scotch guarded. hit it with the joy solution and problem solved.

    On a couple occasions I did see coils that had slight icing horizontally in strips and water dripped from the ice.

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