I have read enough that I know everyone stated that its all about the installer. I have what I consider to be three equally good installers. All have been in business over 25 years, came off as very professional, quotes are all within a few hunderd dollars of each other, & listoned to what I was looking for.

So the last thing it comes down to is the brand of the unit. I am sure that all the brands are good but I am retired with a fixed income and want most dependable unit.

All units are 2 ton with 410, new fixed lines, and include the Honeywell 8000.
Its really hard to read these guys writing

K7CEH3001-15 (13 seer)
7V4BN4002 [air han]
25HCIA [cond unit]
15Kw auxillary heat

American Standard:
10Kw auxillary heat


So do these units match well?
Does any one stand out as a better value?
Of course each install states that their unit is the best over all the others and I sure all are good but my final decision will be based on the experts here.