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    Best Wall / Window AC unit?

    Who makes a quality ~8-12,000 btu through the wall or window air conditioner?

    I am not interested in Made In China compressors or fan motors.

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    Hard to find anything not made in china! I'm sure you could spend alot more for a highline window unit, but most of these new chinese made window units that you see at home improvement stores are pretty decent for the price. They usually have a five year waranty and for the price, if it conks out in a few years, you wont be out a hell of alot of money.

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    fredreichs are a good window unit but made in mexico

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    All of the home improvement stores AC units are made in China...

    I will pay extra for a good unit. I do not need or want a remote control or digital display.

    I don't care about the warranty. I just want a quality AC unit I can install and not have to screw with for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    fredreichs are a good window unit but made in mexico
    Do you have any idea what brand compressor is in the Fredreich unit?

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    GE "J" chassis units are decent and GE supports them BUT they are made in China by Sharp last I knew.

    You will have a hard time finding a very well built unit made in the US.

    The old home I grew up in had 2 window shakers, both made by Gibson. Downstairs the monster lasted about 35 years til I see the current owner has a new one in there. The upstairs unit I bought in 1978, gave to the folks when I moved on and it is still in the master bedroom last time I was by the place. You won't get 30-35 years out of today's stuff! Of course that 8,000 BTU upstairs unit ran about $350. In today's money, what's that --- over a grand easily. Now you can get 8K unit for $150! Don't expect it to last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    fredreichs are a good window unit but made in mexico
    I use to think so too until two weeks ago. I'm going through a nightmare with Friedrich now with one of their commercial slide out 24,ooo BTU units. Tech support is pretty worthless so tomorrow I'm pulling the second one out of the wall and returning it. It's a KM24L30B model. Before this I have never had a problem though.
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    I am pulling out an old ~1960 Yorkaire unit.
    The compressor still runs, and the fan would work if I added oil to the bearings. This was before "lubed for life" bearings were used.

    The unit is just nasty inside and old looking on the outside. It is time for it to retire and go to China to be made into something else.

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