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    Question "Climette" Air Conditioners

    Anyone heard of this brand (Climette)? I think they are from Canada.

    I am replacing an old (1960s R-22 York) through the wall AC unit, and I am trying to find a high quality replacement for cooling one end of my house. ~8-10,000 BTU.

    What manufactures still put quality compressors and fans in their equipment?
    I hate to order one up from the supply house only to find the compressor made in CHINA...

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    We have put a couple of these in and they work OK. I do not think quality and window shakers are used in the same sentence. The manufacturers make a unit as inexpensively as possible because 99% of the buying public look at price and price again. They are sold more as a commodity and not on superiority and better construction.

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    Good point.

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