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Alot of the homeowners on this site are in the same boat as you. They come on here looking for advise and we give it to them....some worse than others. You never have to worry about getting anything but the strait poop from us. I have to be honest, if one of our guys did an install like that....they would be back out there the next day re-doing the whole thing.

If you search around on this site you will see that the overall consensus is that the equipment brand is the least important part of it....it's the install that matters the most. How long do you think your car would last if they installed your engine in wrong?

Now, that's enough scolding from me...you are unfortunately going to learn your lesson on this one.

Do you have any very good and reputable companies in your area?
Thank you, I appreciate the honesty, and I suspected as much. It was just that the budget pressure out there is pretty intense, as we all know.

Well, no national companies around (other than Home Depot)...we live in a smallish town. Probably some companies in Knoxville. Would another company be willing to come out and mop up?