First, I am duly ashamed that I am in this position, and should have done my homework more carefully. Mea culpa and please don't scold me harshly.

My husband and I just junked our 35 year old A/C unit because of a chronic leak in the coolant system (and, frankly, its age). We decided to go with a heat pump, because we live in East Tennessee and that is what you do around here. We are on a limited budget (aren't we all) with a young child. I asked for a recommendation from our neighbor and went with the professional recommended. He seemed nice enough, and his team installed a Goodman 13-SEER GSH130421A/ARUF364216 unit.

The very night of the install I started going crazy because of the excessive noise inside our house (1972 sq foot rancher, 711 finished downstairs, indoor unit downstairs in garage basement). There is a huge rushing sound from both the intake and vents, which I assume is caused by the increased capacity of our new system. I guess I could live with that, although it would be nice if it could cool without hissing at us.

But here is my major issue: There is a major droning noise from the indoor unit that I hear in 4 rooms and the hallway upstairs. I don't really know how to describe it otherwise, since it's not a rattle and I can't discern any scraping. Is there anything that can be done to lessen this noise? It sounds like a factory in here, and I declare I will probably kill myself if I have to listen to this day in and day out. It's a home, for goodness sake!

Have I just messed myself over, or can you help? I called the installer and he said something about coming out and cutting down the speed of the blower, but will that address the drone as well? What should I ask him about and what should he do? What should he have done?

I tried to do my best and live within our budget and am very discouraged. :-( Please help me.