Two days ago I had a local HVAC company come out and do a check up on the A/C system of my home. The system wasn't giving me any problems. It had been over a hundred degrees here for about six straight days and the temperature in the house was lagging about three degrees behind where I had the thermostat set (74 degrees) and I just wanted to make sure the system was full of freon and working properly. My house is fourteen years old and so is the Carrier unit so I have it serviced every spring and fall to keep it running smoothly.
Here's where the fishy part starts. The guy who came out said he had to add 1.5 pounds of freon. They have told me this each spring for the last five years. They always say the same thing, that the coils are leaking and need to be replaced, but I always just have them top off the freon and everything has been just fine until this year. When he left everything was running properly. He checked all the vents with a thermometer to make sure they were cooling at the proper temperature and the a/c compressor pump and motor were purring like a kitten. The air worked perfect, just like it did before they did anything to it. The following day I came home from work to find my house a staggering 88 degrees inside. The outside unit was working and the fan was blowing air out the vents inside but it was blowing out hot air.(It was 98 degrees outside). Every few minutes I could hear a groan from the attic (where my heat/ac unit is located) like something was trying to cut on but the lights would dim slightly and then it would stop groaning and just keep blowing hot air. They came out the next day and said that my compressor motor needed a "hard start" kit because it was getting old and needed a boost with cutting the compressor on. My question is could this just happen to the a/c motor overnight? I just can't believe my a/c unit went from running perfectly (never one problem with starting the compressor motor) to not running at all one day after they serviced it and added freon. Has anybody ever heard of this before? Any answers are greatly appreciated!