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Thread: Head scratcher

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    Head scratcher

    Call was A/c only cooling house down to 73 on 90 degrees day. Indoor temp higher with higher ambient.

    1300 square foot house. 3 ton coil Fixed orifice. Can't read condenser model #. Compressor appears to be 2 1/2 ton according to copeland nomenclature.

    Ambient 86. Checked pressures Head: 220, Suction: 62, Superheat: 0, Temp. diff indoor 20. Coil clean, filter clean. Refrigerant doesn't seem to be boiling off. No frost anywhere on system... The only thing that I can think could be problem would be undersized duct system. Took off bottom door of furnace to see if return was problem, no change. Thinking supply duct sizing to small.

    Anybody have any suggestions or comments. Can't think straight anymore.

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    Superheat: 0
    That can't be good for the compressor.

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    Check static pressure to determine if supply duct is the problem instead of guessing.

    Sounds like someone may have already overcharged it from guessing.
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