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    American Standard matched system ?

    Just checking to see if these two are compatable ? A/S 15 Seer #2A6H5022A1000A ... and ... A/S A/H #TWE031E13FB2 ?

    Also...... using a 4.80kw Auxiliary Heat strip what size breaker should be used at the main panel ? ...30amp?...40amp?


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    That's the old air handler model nomenclature. Unless it's an old model (in which case I couldn't tell you if it's a match or not), the model number should read 2TEE3F31A1000A. The heat pump model number should also be 2A6H5024A1000A (likely a transcription error). Have you considered R-410a equipment instead (you could get greater heating performance).

    Usually it's 30 amps for every 5 kW of heat strips. Better check with someone else here to be sure, though.

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    that appears to be AmStd's Heritage 15 HP in a two ton R-22 configuration that has been discontinued.

    here are the performance numbers from the AHRI HP Directory.

    1106215 Discontinued Systems HERITAGE 15 AMERICAN STANDARD, INC. 2A6H5024A1 2TEE3F31A1 25000 13.00 15.10 22600 8.05 14100 1 HRCU-A-CB

    1106217 Discontinued Systems HERITAGE 15 AMERICAN STANDARD, INC. 2A6H5024A1 2TEE3F37A1 25000 12.70 15.00 21600 8.60 13200 1

    good numbers except for the poor HSPF eff. the larger air handler has better HSPF eff.

    here is an active configuration in the R-410a refrigerant.

    1382159 Active Systems HERITAGE 15 AMERICAN STANDARD, INC. 4A6H5024A1 4TEE3F39A1 25000 13.00 16.00 24000 9.00 13800

    very good numbers...


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