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    Quote Originally Posted by EverettsHVAC View Post
    I, for one, can't wait for the IQDrive to be able to zone. I will install one in my own home in a heart beat.
    I probably would, too but I am framing now and can't wait for them to support zoning (unless they do it in the next week or so - ha). I am still in shock that they didn't engineer for this from the get go.

    Quote Originally Posted by mchild View Post
    These are not mini-splits, make sure your contractor has experience with these systems. Manufacturer reps are a good source to find top level installers.
    I think you've helped me recognize a basic difference between standard mini-split vs. vrf (or vrv for Daikin). And I have already contacted the local distributors and received references for recommended installers and will call them tomorrow. I do find this approach very interesting and pretty much buy into the higher efficiency claims. And I absolutely love the idea of numerous widely varying zones-I would like around 10, maybe more - which is hard to do well with standard systems. Also, the heavily zoned, dampered, ducted systems can start to make the attic look like the movie, "Brazil". Exhanging all that ductwork for some extra copper would make for a lot more free space.

    However, while I'm not on a super tight budget and am willing to spend a bit more to get what I need, I still have to see how the capital cost compares, especially if I need to buy almost a dozen ceiling units (I know, I know....lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, and longer life pay back in the end .... but I still got to know the dollars I have to lay out today). I do know the installers for these VRV/VRF systems around here have a reputation as "retail only" installers going for higher direct-to-owner margins and not willing to discount their rates to builders even if that means missing out on volume. Since there are several standard system installers who WILL do good work at "builder's rates" that will probably drive up the cost differential, but I'll just have to wait and see how bad it is.

    I'll let you know which way I go and post some feedback if we go with VRV/VRF.

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    If anyone learns more about iQ drive zoning from Nordyne, please let me know.

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    I've taken the course for IQ drive. It is a very good idea that hasn't been mastered. Before even talking about zoning, the need to work the bugs out of the iq drive. They don't offer readily available replacement parts. What good is a 12 year p&l warranty on a system that is down for 2 weeks while the inverter is being shipped?

    Are they working on the old saying "two wrongs make a right?"

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    Please tell me these uber-advanced controls utilize flash or NVram have facilities for upgrading their logic...

    At that cost they should have Ethernet linking the Tstats to the motor controls and damper IO.

    I use Ethernet to DeviceNet gateways to operate E3s from great distances, and Ethernet to monitor robicon variable freq drives. Its the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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