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Thread: Balancing AC

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    Confused Balancing AC

    My home has 2 AC systems the downnstairs is heated and cooled with a packaged unit a gas/elec combo. It seems to be working ok. The ceiling in the lower unit is A framed. The upstairs consists of 2 bedrooms one on the south end and the other on the north end. The intake and thermostat are located in the middle of the hallway which is open to the lower level. The problem is that when you set the thermostat to accomodate the south bedroom the person in the north bedroom is being froze out.

    Were should this thermostat be located ?

    What should I be looking at doing to balance these rooms out?


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    I would suggest a zoning system. If there is access to the attic above both rooms, or at least 1 wall accessible from the attic in both rooms, then you could have a thermostat in both rooms. Otherwise what you have is a very common problem.

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    Start by adjusting the dampers at the suppl grilles,south open,north 30% closed,note where the one in the hallway is set.

    Check the temps in each room,adjust to even out,do not close more then 30% keeping on 100% open.

    If this isn't enough,call a Pro to have it balanced,likely will need balaning dampers installed in the ducts.

    Also check supply air to each room with the doors open and closed,less air with the door closed,shows lack of return air.Supply air can only enter the room,if it has a way to return to the fan.

    Search on jumper returns if you lack return air in either room,and call a Pro to size and install them.

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