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    couldn't get the suction pressure up

    fellas did an install today on a 5 ton lennox ac13 with an old lennox oil furnace (don't have model number). dropped charge after pulling vac. started unit up and it was running a 64 and a 200 ambient temp 85. went in side checked air filter and it was clean, it was an older merv. 16. i don't have the tools to check cfm. lineset was about 25 ft. long 3/8 by 1 1/8 i added 1lb. suction did not rise past 64 head rose to 225. by the way it was a txv system. what could be the prob? added another 12 oz and nothing.

    and yes just the ac was replaced not my decision, the HO did not want to pay the xtra dough. i informed him about possible effects of this but he didn't want to hear it.

    and yes i should apply for pro membership, just waiting to get a new copy of epa card ( lost the orig.)

    thank in advance guys
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