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    While the air spaces do not have the R-values claimed by the manufacturer of that insulation, foil-faced insulation products do provide additional benefit in that they resist radiant heat transfer. This benefit is hard to quantify in terms of R-value, because R-value is the resistance to conductive heat transfer.

    A claim of R-16 in this application is unfounded. Any foil faced product will provide similar radiant heat blocking benefit (not R-16) but I think you need to use a product with real R-value (like fiberglass batt) in addition to a radiant barrier. Foil-faced batt is the best product for this application.

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    air exchange with crawl space

    Air should be circulated between a conditined crawl space and the rest of the house in order to prevent air from stagnating. If the vapor barriers should be breached, the humidity levels in the crawl would be allowed to return to levels which do not favor condensation and mold growth

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