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    Help Comparing Replacement Systems

    Hello all

    I recently had a repair person indicate that I have leaks in my Evaporator and condensor coils. And that I should look at replacing my unit. I did my best at trying to do due dilligence and called 3 additional installers in addition to the one who provides my regular maintenace. I have been given quotes by all of them (which I wont share per the rules) but I am having a hard time comparing the systems to see if really is a major difference in bang for the buck and trying to research the manufacturers has been almost useless.

    Background. I live in Central GA. Upstairs, middle floor and basement. Each floor has its own inside and outside unit. It is the upstairs unit which has been a problem since the first year in the house (10 years now). I currently have a 2 ton unit upstairs. Current duct work is all individual runs from the plenum (sp?) to each vent and/or return. Master bedroom sits over the garage and gets the full affect of the GA sun in the afternoon. All 4 technicians recomended going to a 2.5 ton due to the design, facing of my house etc.

    Option 1: Carrier comfort Serries 13 seer 2.5 ton. Wants to add return and supply and change the ducts to have a single run that split when it gets to the master bedroom. Spent the most time measuring rooms. Highest estimate by a lot. Also tried to sell me Infinity performance serries 15 Seer system that I am not sure would work with my existing furnace which works and I am not replacing.

    Option 2: Lenox x13 (Elite?) 13 seer 2.5 ton. This is company that my current maintenance is done by and i generally trust and like them. Didnt suggest any duct work changes. When I brought it up said I didnt need any duct work changes. Warranty - 1 year labor, 5 year parts and 10 year compressor. 2nd highest estimate.

    Option 3: Payne (Pac1330) 2.5 ton made by carrier right? Or I could go with Comfort 13 from them also for a bit more. Wanted to do duct work to do a single run to master that split. Also wanted to enlarge the return in master Bedroom indicating that that system would need more air. Only technician to actually walk around in my attic looking at each and every duct, supply and return. 11 years straight as high rated in Home reports for my county. Tried to sell me a maintenace agreement. Warranty 1 year labor, 5 year parts, 10 year compressor. 3rd highest estimate.

    Option 4: Bryant 13 Seer 2.5 Ton (Carrier also?) Wanted to do duct work also and add a supply and a return to system. When I asked about doing a single run to the master and then splitting he agreed that was good idea and said they would do that also (though he didn't write it in the estimate) Warranty 1 year labor, 5 year parts, 10 year compressor. Lowest Estimate

    All of these companies have very good reputations and are all rated well in Home reports and other publications. Assuming that reputation/quality of the installer is mostly equal is there any qualatitative differences between the systems they are recommending installing. I hate to just pick the low cost provider so am intereted in opinions on the systems and/or duct work approach of the different vendors.

    Thank you all for your help!

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    Although some of the price is for the name brand. Most of it is for the quality of work.

    Which one thought the install through the most. He may have a higher price because he already thought of things the other missed.
    If some missed things, they may want to charge you additional, when they discover it.

    Remember, if it isn't written on the contract, it was never discussed.
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    look for best warranty and satisfaction guarantee. We offer 5 year p$L for the leenox you have there. 10 on compressor with no lemons and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    for Georgia climate, I would consider a mid range 13-14 SEER Heat Pump with an HSPF of 8.5 along with matching evap coil.

    Georgia climate is perfect for HP. It will easily pay for itself, lower operating costs and less dependence on more expensive nat gas.

    what is size/brand of your furnace?

    The HP will also allow you a good evaluation if and when you have to change out other systems.

    I would stay away from Payne-the other brands offer reasonable possibilities.

    Good LucK!

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