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    Hmm Help with selection of new system

    I have been told that I need a need a new system because the evaperator coil is leaking and it's no longer available for replacement. Please let me know if these suggestions are OK. Any help is appreciated. Oh my home is approx 1400 sq feet. When looking on-line at top rated systems I don't see RUUD listed in the top 10. However I do see Rheem.
    Here are the items I've received quotes for.

    RUUD Heat Pump 13PJA 13 SEER with Rheem/RUUD R-22 Air Handler. Here are the model #'s Elec Furnace-UHSA-HM3617JA. 10K.W. Heat #RXBH17A10J and Heat Pump #13PJA30A01 and a digital t-stat.
    I hope that makes since. Again any help is appreciated.

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    Which State do you live in?

    RUUD/Rheem are the same.

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    I live in Abingdon, Harford County, and have a heat pump in an all-electric home.

    That heat pump condenser and air handler match is ARI# 703003 (although the matching air handler had some different digits - maybe a Rheem pro can help here):

    28,600 btu cooling (a full 3 tons is 30,000 btu), 11.7 EER, 13 SEER, 27,600 btu heating at 47F, 7.7 HSPF.

    Those numbers are marginal, basic builder's grade. The HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) of 7.7 is terrible (9 is excellent).

    Since we are paying 13.5 cents per kw-hr electric rates thanks to BGE, the heat pump performance numbers that you should be looking at are:
    - A full 30,000 btu cooling and heating
    - 12 EER
    - 14 to 15 SEER
    - 9 HSPF

    I would ask your contractor for a 14 SEER system that has numbers close to the above. Post the model numbers that the contractor provides so that we can review them.

    Best to you.

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