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    Lightbulb Trane vs. American Standard

    Now that Ingersoll-Rand has purchased Trane, is American Standard going to be a brand in the market much longer? Does anyone know the answer to this question? I have a friend who is installing Trane for his customers and he is considering switching to American Standard because of the pricing of the equipment. I did not know who else to turn to for this question. He is bidding in the home against Carrier and other brands that are telling the story to the customers that American Standard is going away because of the purchase of Trane. Please let me know what to tell him.

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    American Standard isn't going anywhere. Plenty of dealers have dropped other brands to sell American Standard in my area, and a guy I know who works at a distributor ( that doesn't carry A/S) says American Standard is growing faster than any of the "premium" brands on the market. I'd second guess doing business with any of the contractors that are saying A/S is going away, seems like some pretty shady sales tactics to me. Though it is common to hear stories of Carrier dealers around here bashing Trane-A/S when giving bids. Then again, a lot of the dealers around here that have picked up A/S sold Carrier before switching. I don't think they'd be switching if A/S is going away anytime soon.

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    it has a huge following around here because it works well in the texas heat. i doubt its going anywhere. trane and a/s can handle wear and tear better than most.
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    Not going anywhere, why would you dump the A/S name especially since its tied into so many plumbing items.
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