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    a/c unit for a narrow window?

    Good morning. My first request here.

    Trying to find a 120v 10,000 btu a/c unit for one room (north side, first floor) in an old home. Unfortunately, all the windows in that room are 19" double sash.

    Largest window unit I can find that will fit is 8,000 btu.

    Is there a 10,000 btu unit made that's under 19" wide? It's not for a casement window - the casement models I've looked at won't fit as they're too high for the sash. As it's an 1826 home, I'd really rather not cut holes in the outside wall.

    Is there a "split" system of 10,000 btu that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

    I've heard some negatives about the "portable" models, regarding poor air circulation and/or poor temperature regulation (thermostats seem to have quite a wide "range" before kicking on and off).

    Tom in Connecticut

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    Your best bet would be a mini-split but you'll have to drill through somewhere for the line set and control wiring and as you stated, they ain't cheap. You could sort of "hack in" a window shaker by mounting it outside with a small transition duct sized for your window opening. Not the best solution and it would be ugly.

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    8,000 is about the biggest you'll find to fit that window.
    York does make a 12,000 BTU split.
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