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Thread: freon 22-410a

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    freon 22-410a

    I am just starting to install the new 410 units, I have been told A: that a new freon 22 a coil, 13 seer, is compatible with a 410 outside unit 13 seer, and b: no they are not, obvious someone is wrong and I would rather the homeowner not sue me for bad info. could someone give me some insight? I am asking because if I put in a freon 22 a coil today because an old one is leaking and their 10 year old condensing unit goes in two years if I cant use the now two year old a coil they should know up front. Thanks

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    Most, if not all evap coils made today can use either refrigerant. Just needs teh metering device changed for the proper refrigerant.

    The question is, can you get enough of the mineral oil out of the coil. to use it for a R410A system after its been used as a R22 system.

    Currently, I don't know of any manufacturer that allows it.
    That may change in the near future.

    Contact your tech support for the brand that you install.
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