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    High Suction Pressure..

    Hello, I installed a 1.5 ton Tane Heatpump for the second floor of a 2 zone system. After starting the system up I noticed the suction pressure was running around 100 psi and the head pressure was around 215 psi. it is an R 22 system. The outside air temp was 95 degrees and the inside temp was 85 degrees when I started the system up. I am getting around a 67 degree discharge and the suction line is sweating back to the compressor. I'm not sure what is causing the suction pressure to run that high. I was thinking maybe the TXV valve was not working correctly. Doeas anyone have any Suggestions?

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    At startup it is normal for the suction pressure to be around 100 PSI with a TXV at the indoor coil. After it runs a while, the suction pressure will come down. You have a very high load and the TXV is trying to cool that load.
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    ID wetbulb
    Delta across evap coil, taken at unit, not grilles.
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    DB delta across condenser coil.

    Might just have been high load.
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