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    Heat Pump versus Central

    I have three central AC units that are 12 years old. Yesterday all three were not functioning. Not cooling. Tech came over and said no gas and I paid $700.
    Another company came today and said I should get Heat Pump over my gas furnace--which is also 12 years old. I live in Souteast PA.

    First, could all three units loose gas in one day--put 7 lbs in one unit and 9 in the other. I did not do the third

    Second, should I get heat pumps and the contractor is recommending Carrier or Trane. I plan to stay in the house about 5 years.

    Contractor tells me that I will get a much reduced rate from local electric comopnay.

    Other contractor says to get American Standard Central AC with variable speed. Don't have a quote from him but trhe other company is asking about $16K for the 3 Heat Pumps

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    Did the tech., look for a leak, or just try to sell you new equipment?

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    He said with the systems so low on Freon there was a leak. He valso said if he were to find the leak, at $85 per hour, and considering the age of the unit it would not make sense to fix

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    since you have a furnace already you could also go dual fuel. this is where you use the furnace on only the coldest days of the winter when the heat pump connot keep up and is less efficient. there's many threads on here about dual fuel aka. hybrid systems. its worth looking into. i would also ask the contractor who is pushing the heat pumps for a load calc to ensure that you duct sizes and tonnage will be correct.

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    If all 3 stopped working at teh same time, and all 3 are low on gas, some thing is going on. Maybe the kids were having a huffing party.

    Dual fuel heatpumps can save you on your heating bill.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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