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    My Rheem Package unit 10 seer 3 ton was installed in 2001 by my neighbour a Rheem installer for a longggggggggggggggg time. Just a good ole country boy but he knows his stuff.
    Now the evaporator coil is shot.
    Appearantly the water from my well carries sulfur gasses that get into the unit and eats up the coil, at least that is what he says.
    He is going to get me some quotes on installing a new coil. I'm told that in 2007 the minimum seer rating is 13 for units manufactured and sold. And a new 13 seer unit 3 ton is going to cost me $$$$$$

    1.Does sulfur gasses really eats up the coil?
    2.Should I replace the coil, will that last longer if I put in an aeration system to get rid of the sulfur?
    3.Or should I just buy a new more energy efficient unit?
    4.How long is an average life of a Rheem package unit without the sulfur?


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    Edit your question and eliminate the pricing. No pricing allowed on this site.
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    formicary corrosion is real. the solution is to get an aluminum coil or tin coated coil. i'm not sure if rheem makes one. rheem is good equipment and i've seen their evaps last as well as anybodies, although back in the 70's they were real leaky, but thats another thread.
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    new unit

    Well, the cost of replacing the coil was very high so decided to replace the whole unit. My neighbour is a retired HVAC tech so he gave me a good deal.

    He installed a 13 SEER package unit from Rheem.

    The problem is with the coil, he told me to invest in an airator that removes the sulfur gasses from my well. That is quite a large investment right now especially after purchasing a new unit.

    Another HVAC tech at work mentioned that I can spray a protective coat on the coil to protect it from sulfur gasses, is there any truth in that?

    I was searching online and found ArmorCoil, I wonder if anyone has any experience with that?


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    I'm going out on a limb here with a guess that the sulfer gases from your well water is getting into your air stream and eatting up the coil when you take showers mostly. How about investing is a really good exhaust fan for your bathroom(s) and making sure that it doesn't stay in the house long enough to do damage.

    If it's eating up the coil on your AC what is it doing to your copper electrical wiring where it's exposed at fixtures etc.????
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    you are correct firecontrol, the sulfurgasses are entering through the vents and I assume only with showers and baths but I might be wrong,maybe also from just running the water in the sink.

    The return vent is actually located outside my second bathroom and within the vicinity of the washer/dryer area.

    This house is old and i don't even own vents in the bathrooms, you have made a really good point there, I have to look into that.

    My Tech also made the comment that the same happens with the irrigation close to the unit with the sulfur gasses.



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