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    WEBVision Recycle

    I have heard that the Platform is restricted to Authorized Honeywell Reps only. If anyone has the ability to access the Platform and could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I have 2 of them that I used for a job that went terrible and are now sitting on my desk doing nothing. In their current state as a WEBVision Jace they are useless but as an open Jace 600 they can be of better use.


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    They are appliances you can get the manual off of Honeywell's buildings forum or pm me and I can send you a copy. I am pretty sure that they can not be relicensed as an open jace and even if they could it would be expensive. Save them for a lcbs upgrade. They are great for Lon station or xl15b upgrades. I have installed a few, I prefer 600's too but they are a quick install for a front end solution for small building.
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