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    Confused Through Wall vs Window

    Hello and thanks in advance to any and all who can help me with this question.

    I have a cabin and need to replace the 20 yr old 25000 BTU Thru Wall AC Unit. I am only able to find a few units that are "thru wall" that provide that much BTU. One is from Unionaire and the other from Friedrich. Neither of which are readily available to me as an average joe and not an HVAC professional. However, I did find a Frigidaire 25000BTU at Lowes but it is a "Window" unit.

    My question to you all is, can I use a "window" unit in my "thru wall" slot? And what is really the difference between a "window" unit and a thru wall unit? I note that on the Friedrich printouts they have measurements for "window" or "thru wall" on each unit which would lead me to believe at least for them its either or.

    Thanks so very much.

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    Just do not block any of the side vents and you're fine with any of them.

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    Thanks BaldLoonie!!!!

    Thank you so much for your reply - I truly appreciate it!

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