Thought I would post some info on my AC check up I had the other day after having to wait several weeks due to the unusual cold weather we been having here in Wis. Anyways the tech came out grab all his gauge's and such hooked a couple up to the OD unit and then we went inside and he checked the air flow before the coil and after the coil, went back outside and checked the gauge's and said it was alittle over charged, so we went back inside and he checked my filters of which I have a EAC but I was dumb enough to go and buy some of those post filters for my EAC that were supposely eletrostaically charged so I thought these would be a good thing to have Evidently my tech said these are not a good thing to put in there because they are too restrictive so he pulled them out and we went back out side to check the gauge's again and sure enough the charge was close to perfect
1*-2* well within range of charge according to the tech. So my point of my post here is to let other HO read this so they do not go out and do as I did and buy those 3M post filter for there EAC will cause your compressor to be over charged causing your compressor to work harder and will restric your air flow will in the end reduce cooling compacity and eventually burn your compresoor out costing you more money in the end.