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    Geothermal Self-Install

    This past heating season with my oil fired Hydronic system I utilized 450 gallons of oil. I shutter to think of what it is going to cost to get my tank refilled this Summer.

    I live in a 1450 sq ft Ranch home built in the 60's. It is maginally insulated.

    About 8 years ago I installed central A/C which included the necessary ductwork. I have 1 large return in a hallway and 3 smaller returns in the bedrooms. 2 supplies in the living room and the same in the kitchen/ dining room. There are also supplies in the bedrooms. I am currently utilizing a Coleman 10 SEER condensor and air handler.

    I have located a local Geothermal contractor that will install my horizontal ground loop for a fraction of the full installed price. I can purchase the water/air heat exchanger from my local distributor and from what I have read, it dosen't seem to be any more difficult than the many split systems that I have installed. Am I missing something?

    I fully realize that you do not know my qualifications, but I have been servicing and installing A/C systems for 25 years.

    I will keep my oil system as my emergency back-up system.
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    Usually stuff like this is best discussed in the "Professional technical Forums", if you are a pro apply for membership and we can discuss it there.

    We do not want DIY stuff discussed here in this forum!

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