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Thread: Rust on Gas Pac

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    Rust on Gas Pac

    I am a Home Inspector and noted some rusting/deterioration on this Ruud gas pac(manufactured 1993). How should I advise my client. What are your concerns about this condition.
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    Anyone have a comment?

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    I would recommend replacement just from the picture. If you know the model number you could find out if the heat exchanger is stainless or aluminzed steel. I'm betting it's not stainless since that's usually an option and not standard. Chances are the heat exchanger doesn't look much better than the exhaust grill. As a home inspector, I would assume that you have contacts in the HVAC industry that could open that thing up and give you an evaluation before you pronounce it dead. If I were the seller, I would want some justification for replacing the unit other than what you get from this web site.

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    i would reccomend they have it inspected by a hvac tech, may be fine but probably not.

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    As much as I like the newer rheem package units, this was the previous model they made and it was junk. That was the unit that had the goofy fan blade up above the flue to help vent it out of that rusted opening you see in the pic. That unit has an old clamshell heat exchanger and some of the older rheem heat exchangers in their pack units were not long lived.

    There was a time when Goodman made a package unit that was identical to the Ruud unit in that pic.

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